Are Your CHILDHOOD MONEY BELIEFS Blocking Your Success in Life and Business?

Aug 16, 2023
Are Your CHILDHOOD MONEY BELIEFS Blocking Your Success in Life and Business?

How have the money lessons you learned as a child affected your current relationship with money?

🎙️ In S4:E10 of the Inner Power Entrepreneur podcast, I ask you, Are Your CHILDHOOD MONEY BELIEFS Blocking Your Success in Life and Business?

"What are Money Blocks?" you may be asking. Let’s dive into the 3 most common along with action steps to overcome them.

Money is Bad:

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If you find yourself associating wealth with negative traits or feeling guilty about desiring financial success, you may have this money block. It's time to reframe your mindset and embrace the idea that money can be a force for good.

➠ Action Step: Start by seeking out positive examples of wealthy individuals who use their resources to make a positive impact. Read biographies or watch documentaries about philanthropists and successful entrepreneurs who give back to society. This will help you reprogram your belief that money is inherently bad.

Money is Scarce:

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Do you constantly worry about not having enough money, regardless of your current financial situation? This scarcity mindset can limit your ability to attract abundance and create wealth. It's time to shift your perspective and embrace the abundance that is available to you.

➠ Action Step:  Practice gratitude for the money you currently have. Take a few minutes each day to reflect on the ways in which money has positively impacted your life. Additionally, surround yourself with people who have a positive and abundant mindset. Engage in conversations about financial success and learn from their perspectives.

Money Causes Stress:

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If you associate money with stress and believe that financial success requires immense effort and sacrifice, you may be trapped in this money block. It's time to reframe your relationship with money and create a more empowering belief system.

➠ Action Step:  Start by identifying the activities and experiences that bring you joy and fulfillment. Ask yourself, "How can I align my passion and purpose with financial abundance?" Focus on creating a business or career that allows you to do what you love while attracting wealth effortlessly. Practice self-care and stress-reducing techniques to shift your mindset from stress to ease.

Breaking free from these money blocks requires consistent effort and repetition. Embrace the power of AffirMantras to reprogram your subconscious mind. Surround yourself with resources that support your financial growth, such as books, podcasts, and mentors who have achieved financial success.

By using the Inner Power Formula (recognizing, reframing, and repeating positive beliefs about money), you can unleash your financial potential and create a life of abundance and fulfillment.

I encourage you to check out my book, "I Am A Money Magnet," which provides a comprehensive guide to overcoming money blocks and reprogramming your mindset for financial success. Visit to get your free chapters and start your journey towards financial empowerment.

Until next time, Inner Power Entrepreneurs, keep embracing your Inner Power and manifesting your dreams!

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