How Autopilot vs STRATEGIC HABITS Set You Up for Business Success

Sep 07, 2023
How Autopilot vs STRATEGIC HABITS Set You Up for Business Success

Are you getting the success you desire in your business? Take a moment to reflect on your current situation. Are you happy with the money you're making? Are you attracting the right people? Are you spending your time on activities that bring you joy, income, and impact? 

 Listen to S4:E13 of the Inner Power Entrepreneur podcast, How Autopilot vs STRATEGIC HABITS Set You Up for Business Success,  and dive into the fascinating world of habits, explore the differences between autopilot habits and strategic habits, and learn strategies to build the habits you want while ditching those you don't.

Get ready to discover how habits can shape your journey towards building a thriving and successful business.

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Autopilot Habits: The Comfort Zone Trap

Imagine driving a car on a familiar route without even thinking about it. That's the power of autopilot habits. Just like driving, our brains are wired to perform certain actions automatically, based on repeated patterns of thoughts, feelings, decisions, and actions. While autopilot habits can be convenient, they can also keep us stuck in our comfort zones, hindering our business growth.

Strategic Habits: The Key to Unlocking Success

Strategic habits, on the other hand, are consciously designed habits that propel us towards success. By questioning our current habits and aligning them with our goals, we can create a strategic plan of action that sets us up for success. Strategic habits require conscious effort and intentionality, but they have the power to transform our businesses and lives.

Recognizing the Need for Change

The first step in building strategic habits is recognizing the areas in which our autopilot habits are holding us back. Are you satisfied with your current level of success? Do you feel stuck or frustrated? By honestly assessing our feelings, thoughts, decisions, and actions, we can identify the habits that need to be changed.

Reframing and Reprogramming

Once we've identified the autopilot habits that are not serving us, it's time to reframe our mindset and reprogram our subconscious. This involves consciously choosing thoughts and beliefs that align with our goals and replacing negative self-talk with positive affirmations. By repeating these new thoughts and beliefs, we can rewire our brains for success.

Taking Strategic Action

Strategic habits are all about taking intentional action towards our goals. We must ask ourselves, "Is this action leading me in the direction of my success?" If the answer is no, it's time to create a strategic plan of action. Start small and focus on one habit at a time. Whether it's implementing a morning routine, setting specific goals, or consistently networking, each action builds momentum towards success.

Embracing the Power of Strategic Habits

As we continue to practice and repeat our strategic habits, they become ingrained in our subconscious, leading to autopilot habits that support our success. By consciously choosing habits that align with our goals, we create a positive feedback loop that propels us towards greater achievements. Remember, success is not a destination but a journey, and strategic habits are the fuel that keeps us moving forward.

The power to build a successful business lies within you. By understanding the differences between autopilot habits and strategic habits, you can take control of your journey and manifest the success you desire. Embrace the power of strategic habits, reframe your mindset, and take intentional action towards your goals.

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For a Deeper Dive into these topics, listen to the full episode: S4:E13. How Autopilot vs STRATEGIC HABITS Set You Up for Business Success

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