The Top 5 Characteristics of an Inner Power Entrepreneur

Jul 07, 2023

Hello there, fellow entrepreneurs!

It's Dr. Amanda here, and I am thrilled to dive into the incredible insights and habits shared in our latest podcast episode, The Top 5 Characteristics of an Inner Power Entrepreneur.

So, let's get started!

Do this to be an Inner Power Entrepreneur!

  1. Live by BE, DO, HAVE: One of the key habits of an Inner Power Entrepreneur is living by the principle of "be, do, have." This means understanding that outer success is a result of inner alignment. By aligning our thoughts, beliefs, and actions with our true selves, we can create a business that brings both time and money freedom. Remember, it's not just about the end goal, but also about enjoying the journey along the way.
  2. Be a Responsive Mindset Master: As Inner Power Entrepreneurs, it is crucial to cultivate a responsive mindset rather than a reactive one. We must consciously choose to be mindful and deliberate creators of our reality. By taking responsibility for our outcomes and seeing challenges as opportunities for growth, we can overcome unconscious blocks and achieve success in all aspects of life.
  3. Be Zone of Genius and Vision Driven: Operating in our zone of genius and being vision driven are essential habits for Inner Power Entrepreneurs. When we align our actions with our soul's purpose and tap into our inner power, we feel energized, confident, and fulfilled. Our unique fingerprint, our inner power, determines how we show up in the world and the value we bring to ourselves and others. By having a clear vision and taking daily steps towards our goals, we manifest our desires and become automatic attractors for the things we want.
  4. Be a High R.O.I. Time Master: Being a high R.O.I. (Return on Investment) time master is another crucial habit for Inner Power Entrepreneurs. It's not about mastering time itself, but rather mastering ourselves to use time wisely. Productivity is about doing things we love that bring high rewards and enjoyment, attracting money and opportunities. By knowing ourselves, delegating tasks outside our zone of genius, and saying yes to aligned opportunities while saying no to those that are not aligned, we can increase our return on investment and experience greater rewards in all areas of life.
  5. Enjoy the Journey of Serving People in a Win-Win Exchange: Last but not least, Inner Power Entrepreneurs understand the importance of enjoying the journey and creating win-win exchanges. We care about our target audience and strive to provide solutions that genuinely help them. Selling is not sleazy or desperate; it is an act of caring. By celebrating wins, big and small, and appreciating the process, we create a positive neural feedback loop that fuels our success.

As Inner Power Entrepreneurs, we must also master our time and productivity. It's not about mastering time itself, but mastering ourselves to use time wisely. Focus on activities that bring joy and high rewards, delegate tasks outside of your Zone of Genius, and say YES to aligned opportunities while saying NO to those that are not aligned.

Remember, entrepreneurship is a journey, and it's essential to enjoy every step along the way. Celebrate wins, big and small, and create a positive neural feedback loop. Selling is caring, so don't be afraid to promote yourself and share your solutions with others. Let go of what doesn't serve you, delegate non-essential tasks, and prioritize your own well-being.

Let's unleash our Inner Power, embrace these characteristics, and create a business and life that brings us fulfillment and freedom. Enjoy the journey, celebrate your wins, and remember that you have the power to design your own reality.

For a Deeper Dive into these topics, listen to the full episode: S4:E4. The Top 5 Characteristics of an Inner Power Entrepreneur

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