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Member Results | Morris S.


I just love this program. I joined right at the beginning, and I have had several aha moments that have truly changed my business. I look forward every morning to waking up to Dr. Amanda's message for the day and could not recommend it enough. Join this program! You won't regret it.

Get CLEARINSPIRED Every Morning with a Guided Inner Power Daily Lesson

No more f*cking around - it's time to get aligned and take strategic action!

Daily Learning

1. Power-Packed Learning (8 Minutes)

  Stay Inspired & Growth-Minded

Get Aligned with Success Tips

  Generate Clarity & Confidence

  Wire Your Brain for Business Success

✓ Feed Your Entrepreneur Mindset

 Stop Fear, Imposter Syndrome, & Procrastination

Daily Learning

2. Journaling Prompts (5 Minutes)

 Money Breakthroughs

Change Your Habits

✓ Business Growth Strategies

✓ Manifestation Scripting

✓ Get Unstuck & Take Action

Design Your Future & Set Goals

Daily Learning

3. Visualization Meditation (2 Minutes)

 Let Go of Stress and Overwhelm

 Get Energetically Aligned 

Raise Your Vibe & Money Magnetism

✓ Attract Business Opportunities 

✓ Tap into Your Law of Attraction Power

Reprogram with a Daily "AffirMantra"

Member Results | Jose A.


Inner Power Daily has become a permanent habit to my morning routine. I don't start my day without it. If you are starting a business, your first duty is to know yourself by what you think. Mindset is everything, the rest is secondary... The transformation that I am witnessing is unbelievable. ..My business has grown more in the last month than in the past 2 years... [Dr. Amanda's] mentoring has given me a new vision of what can be.

The Top 1% of Successful Entrepreneurs
Start Their Day with a Morning Routine.
Do You?

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The Inner Power Entrepreneur

Morning Routine Membership

- with Dr. Amanda -

No more wondering what to do to optimize your morning routine!

Instead, start it with a power-packed 15-minute morning routine to raise your entrepreneur vibe. 

Dr. Amanda designed the Inner Power Daily™ Membership to help you start your morning with inspired learning, guided journaling, and a short meditation to align your energy, mindset, and business growth habits so you can manifest your business goals! 

SECRET: This is what the top 1% of entrepreneurs do first thing in the morning! 

Your daily MP3 audio lesson includes -

  • a short power-packed inspirational lesson
  • a journaling prompt
  • a short guided meditation with an AffirMantra

- all designed to be completed in 15-minutes!

Weekly Schedule & Topics:

  • Mondays: Inner Power ➠ Align Your Energy, Mindset & Business Growth Habits for Success, Feel Good in Your Mind & Body, Spiritual Growth & Fulfillment
  • Tuesdays: Win-Win Relationships ➠ Cultivate Deeply Connected Intimate & Business Partnerships, Enjoy Friends & Family
  • Wednesdays: Money Mastery ➠ Breakthrough Unconscious Money Blocks & Increase Money Magnetism
  • Thursdays: Business Growth ➠ Overcome Imposter Syndrome, Stop Fear &  Procrastination, Learn Magnetic Client Attraction, & Business Growth Strategies
  • Fridays: Vision & Goals ➠ Set Effective Goals, Know Your Vision, & Consciously Design Your Future
  • Saturdays: Book Club ➠ Books Focused on Inner Power Growth Topics
  • Sundays: Off ➠ Take a Break and Celebrate Yourself!

Plug into Our Private App Each Morning for Your Lesson:

  • Easy access to our private app on your computer or mobile phone.
  • Listen to the MP3 lessons at your own pace from the comfort of your home.
  • Join in the community conversations as desired.
  • Network with growth-minded entrepreneurs.

+++ BONUSES  Close Out the Month with a LIVE ZOOM MASTERCLASS with Dr. Amanda and the Inner Power Community to set every month up for aligned success AND enhance your learning in the weekly #BookClub!

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No Risk 7-Day Trial

Even though I am 100% certain you're going to love the Inner Power Entrepreneur Morning Routine Membership, you can check it out for 7 full days and opt out if it's not the right fit for you. Simply cancel prior to your first charge, and we'll part ways (hopefully still as Inner Power friends! 😉).

Client Testimonial | Tommy A.


In the WEEK that I hired Amanda, I made back my investment with a new client. In the weeks that followed, I doubled my monthly revenue compared to any other month this year.

Get Aligned. Take Inner Power Action.

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About Dr. Amanda - "The Mindset Healer" & Manifestation Ninja for Entrepreneurs

Hi - Dr. Amanda Barrientez here! I'm the founder of NFA Money and Inner Power Daily™, an Amazon internationally best-selling author, and the host of the top 2% globally rated podcast called, Inner Power Entrepreneur.

After going from food stamps to building a 6-figure business fast, I've discovered that it's my genius to come up with actionable strategies to help entrepreneurs, just like you, design your life and business from an aligned state of Inner Power, so you can manifest what you desire.

I am so happy and grateful that the Universe brought us together so that you can learn how to UNLOCK YOUR INNER POWER to GET WHAT YOU WANT (freedom and fulfillment!) in your life and business.  

On the personal front, I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado and some of my favorite things to do are ... run in the woods while listening to podcasts, travel to visit National Parks with my honey, have family BBQs, and anything related to learning and teaching about mindset, Law of Attraction, Zone of Genius, and manifestation.

Member Results | Theresa M.  


Dr. Amanda helped me find my Zone of Genius so that I could stop pouring my energy into things that were not a good match for my abilities, and focus on my gifts and talents. Since I completed her program my Ebay sales and Short Term Rental bookings have exploded!