S4:E3. How to Get Off the Hamster Wheel, Let Go, & Enjoy Life Again

Season #4

Listen to get insights from my Inner Power Entrepreneur Group Coaching Program on how to overcome mindset blocks and resistance that keep entrepreneurs stuck in the hamster wheel of busy work and frustration.

I discuss the different ways to do entrepreneurship and life, and how we get attached to our ideas of how things should be, which can prevent us from seeing opportunities that are right in front of us.

I also emphasize the importance of mindset work and sitting with what is, expanding one's thinking, and being open to new opportunities.

📘 Book Reference: The Untethered Soul by Micheal A. Singer: https://amzn.to/430urcT

Here are 5 key takeaways:

👉 Resistance is the number one reason why we don't achieve our goals instantaneously.
👉 Letting go of preferences and finding peace, love, and joy in the present moment is the key to fulfillment.
👉 Making every day playful and peaceful attracts positive experiences and creates an unstoppable vibrational frequency.
👉 Being present and at peace in the moment is the only way to control and shape our future.
👉 External things cannot bring happiness. Tapping into our creative manifestation force is the key to creating a fulfilling life.

☸️ Let's get off the hamster wheel and start living our best lives!

Highlights from this Episode, S4:E3 of THE INNER POWER ENTREPRENEUR PODCAST:

00:00 - Introduction to the podcast episode on getting off the hamster wheel and enjoying life again
02:48 - Dr. Amanda shares insights on overcoming mindset blocks and resistance that keep entrepreneurs stuck
5:22 - The importance of expanding one's thinking and being open to new opportunities
7:56 - The speaker discusses the idea of sitting with what is and not letting preferences control us
10:52 - The negative effects of future expectations and the importance of being present in the moment
13:41 - Creating an awesome future by recognizing, reframing, and repeating to reprogram negative thought patterns
16:35 - Making every day playful and peaceful to attract positive experiences and create a vibrational frequency that is unstoppable
19:26 - Getting off the hamster wheel and finding peace, calm, and joy by retraining our energetic system
22:12 - Introduction to the Inner Power Daily Membership and Book Club
24:21 - The book recommendation for the upcoming book club, "The Big Leap" by Gay Hendricks
26:10 - The benefits of the Inner Power Daily Membership, including a morning routine, weekly book club, and monthly live sessions
28:05 - The low cost of the Inner Power Daily Membership and the 7-day free trial
30:00 - The importance of letting go of the constant striving for happiness and fulfillment
32:15 - Recognizing that the pursuit of external things often leads to suffering and finding fulfillment in the present moment
34:20 - Conclusion and final thoughts on getting off the hamster wheel and finding peace, love, and joy in life


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