41. LISTENER Q: What's the link between QUANTUM PHYSICS and the Law of Attraction?

Season #4

Is the Law of Attraction based in science?

Albert Einstein once said, “Everything is energy, and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.”

Do you agree with the quote above? ☝️


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Here, we dive deep into Law of Attraction based strategies to help coaches, experts, and business owners reprogram your energy, mindset, and habits so you can experience rapid business growth as an entrepreneur!

 Highlights from this Episode of THE INNER POWER ENTREPRENEUR PODCAST:

00:03 - Introduction to Law of Attraction Strategies
00:14 - Friday Q&A from InnerPower Entrepreneur Group
00:35 - Steve's Question on Quantum Physics and Law of Attraction
00:57 - The Challenge of Explaining Quantum Physics Briefly
01:07 - Quantum Physics Explaining Interactions and Miracles
01:50 - Einstein's Quote on Energy and Frequency
02:32 - Basics of Quantum Physics
03:04 - The Energetic Field Beyond Our Senses
03:35 - Human Frequencies and Emotions
04:49 - The Quantum Field and Manifestation
05:43 - The Observer Effect in Quantum Physics
06:36 - Aligning with the Quantum Field
07:29 - Competing Commitments and Conflicting Energies
08:23 - Quantum Entanglement and Instantaneous Communication
09:53 - How to Align Your Energy with Your Desires
10:45 - Invitation to Join the Facebook Group and Ask Questions

The connection between quantum physics and the law of attraction opens up a world of possibilities.
Tune in now and let the power of quantum physics and the Law of Attraction propel you toward the success you deserve. 💥


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