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About Dr. Amanda

"The Mindset Healer" & Manifestation Ninja for Entrepreneurs

Hey Inner Power Entrepreneur - I'm psyched you're here! I'm Dr. Amanda Barrientez, founder of Inner Power Daily™, host of the top 2% globally rated podcast, Inner Power Entrepreneur, and the creator of this Zone of Manifestation Business Growth Roadmap.

My superpower is to teach you science-based strategies to confidently MAGNETIZE SUCCESS & OPPORTUNITIES your way (instead of being stuck in struggle and stress).

I love doing this because I used to STRUGGLE with limiting beliefs. I thought you had to work HARD for money and success. Once I realized I could reprogram my mindset for bigger opportunities and easier success, I went from food stamps to building a 6-figure business fast! Since then, I've been on a quest to teach other entrepreneurs how to master their mindset so they can get into their Zone of Manifestation and magnetize a life and business they love!